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Read to Know family is the online nonfiction reading resource that helps young readers build reading and writing skills, background knowledge, and confidence.

This award-winning weekly program also helps children and families learn about the world — together.

Read to Know is used by schools and other institutions all around the U.S. every week to help meet Common Core Standards, improve reading fluency, and provide nonfiction reading and writing practice.

Now, families can use it too! With your username and password, you can log in anywhere.
With your subscription, your family gets 48 weekly issues every year. Each one contains interesting and important stories from around the U.S. and the world, including politics, science (environment, animals, technology, health), history, literature, and the arts.

Read to Know family also includes the fascinating weekly features "Country of the Week" and "This Week in History."

After reading each story, students can take a self-correcting comprehension quiz, go further with inferential "Thought Questions," and explore further links with "For More Information."

For grades 6 and up

For only $35 per year, your household will receive 48 weekly issues of Read to Know family, as well as access to the program archives, containing thousands of extra stories!

Read to Know family aligns with common core standards

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