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Read To Know is a weekly digital news magazine that puts the week's news headlines in context for you students, to make them relavent and understandable This Week in NewsCurrents: Blackface controversy in Virginia.Joshua Tree National Park trashed during shutdown; Female lawmakers wear "suffragette white" to SUTO; Fluorescence discovered in flying squirrels; Country of the week: Bulgaria; This Week in History: First issue of the "Cherokee Phoenix" published; Faces and Places. Independent Learning; Discussion Driven, Student Focused, Standards Based What It Is: High-interest stories pulled from this week's news. Topics each week include civics, government, geography, science, world news, economics, history, sports, the arts, and literature. What You Get: 48 weekly issues with 6-7 stories each week. Designed for individual reading on a tablet, chromebook, or computer. Perfect for independent instruction and personalized learning environments. One subscription is a site license for your school and can be shared among multiple classrooms and devices. Read To Know aligns with CCSS speaking and listening, reading information, and opinion writing standards. What people are saying about Read To Know: