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Read To Know is a weekly digital news magazine that puts the week's news headlines in context for you students, to make them relavent and understandable: This Week in Read to Know: Abiy Ahmed wins 2019 Nobel Peace Prize (Read this story free).Also in this week's issue: Supreme Court hears LGBTQ cases; North America has lost 30 percent of its birds; Diahann Carroll (1935-2019); Koalas in trouble; Regular features: Country of the week: Ethiopia; This Week in History: Sam Houston becomes first president of Texas; Faces and Places. Independent Learning; Discussion Driven, Student Focused, Standards Based: What It Is: High-interest stories pulled from this week's news. Topics each week include civics, government, geography, science, world news, economics, history, sports, the arts, and literature.: What You Get: 48 weekly issues with 6-7 stories each week. Designed for individual reading on a tablet, chromebook, or computer. Perfect for independent instruction and personalized learning environments. One subscription is a site license for your school and can be shared among multiple classrooms and devices.: Read To Know aligns with CCSS speaking and listening, reading information, and opinion writing standards.: What people are saying about Read To Know: "Easily accessible and perfect for middle school students. The price is very attractive. I really like this resource!" -- Davide E. Owens Middle School, New Milford, NY. "Good variety of topics." -- Belvider South Middle School, Belvidere, IL. "Uses current events to keep students aware while working on skills." -- Northfield Middle School, Northfield, MN. "I like the topics and the readability." -- Aucocisco School, Cape Elizabeth, ME.: