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Now You Know… where learning never ends.


Now You Know is a weekly online news magazine offering high-interest news and feature articles for seniors. What makes Now You Know different from other online news sources is that it provides background information for each article, explains difficult concepts, and makes the news more understandable. Each article also ends with a self-correcting comprehension quiz to sharpen memory skills. Now You Know builds a wealth of new knowledge among regular readers, encouraging lifelong learning.

In addition to news articles, each issue of Now You Know contains a This Week in History story, a reminiscing article called Remember When, and a Country of the Week feature. Now You Know is available as a Web app, or can be accessed online at a password-protected site. It can be used by individuals, or as a small-group activity.


  • Current national and international stories with background information
  • Remember When…reminiscing story
  • This Week in History feature story
  • Comprehension quiz at the end of each story to sharpen memory skills
  • Full access to archives for the year, including dozens of articles
  • Web links for further study
  • Access for every person in your facility with a site license
  • Downloadable word search and word jumble
  • Access to a weekly quiz that covers all the biggest news of the week

Subscription pricing

  • $175 annually for a facility site license
    (48 issues)
  • $ 35 annually for single private use
    (48 issues)
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