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The current events program that will delight your residents and help you meet state and federal quality of life standards


NewsCurrents Sr. is a current events program designed specifically for use as a group activity in a residential setting. NewsCurrents Sr. provides you with a stimulating and interactive approach for presenting current events each week. And it will save you hours in preparation time!


Each week you receive a DVD (for use in a standard DVD player) and a printed discussion guide. The DVD contains all of the visuals that go with the stories in the printed guide. You simply pop the disc in your DVD player and control the pace of the visual images on your TV screen. You can also choose an online version of the program and download the materials from a password protected site.

While your residents are looking at the images, you use the weekly discussion guide to conduct a stimulating current events discussion. All of the background information and suggested questions are included in the printed guide.


DVD, discussion guide, and sample visual image:

DVD version (with printed guide)
— $399 for 48 issues.

NewsCurrents Sr. is also available online.

Online version (download guide)
— $289 for 48 issues.

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Remember When sample image:

Remember When... is a feature of NewsCurrents Sr. You can also purchase it separately. It is the ultimate high-interest, low-cost program for reminiscing and discussion in senior facilities. More information here.

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