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Boost student achievement with NewsCurrents


NewsCurrents is an award-winning weekly current events discussion program for grades 3 to 12.

Subscribers receive 34 issues during the school year. Every issue contains two components: A discussion guide (written on three levels), and images that go along with each story. Educators use these two components to lead weekly discussions with their students.

NewsCurrents covers national and international stories every week, as well as developments in science, the arts, sports, and more. It also includes regular features such as “This Week in History”and “Country of the Week”.

Sample news frames:


NewsCurrents is available in two convenient formats: Online or DVD. With NewsCurrents Online, the guide and images are available for weekly download from the website. With NewsCurrents DVD, you receive a printed guide with a DVD containing the images via first class mail each week.

Sample discussion guide front cover: The teacher’s guide gives you everything you need to conduct a teacher-directed discussion about important issues. Each story is written on three learning levels with discussion questions and background information built in (click on image at right to see a sample teacher’s guide).

Students focus on the visual images while they listen, answer questions, and express opinions. The visuals contain teaching elements like maps, news and historic photos, charts, and more.

Subscription licenses cover the entire school, with no extra charges for number of students or teachers using the program.

DVD version (with printed guide)
— $294 for 34 issues.

Online version (download guide)
— $269 for 34 issues, school site license
— $99 for 34 issues, single classroom use more information