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NewsCurrents has once again been selected as one of "Readers Choice Top 100 Products" by District Administration magazine.

Boost student achievement with these great current events programs.

Knowledge Unlimited is proud to publish the very best and most innovative current events programs for the classroom and beyond. Choose the one that’s right for you.

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NewsCurrents is a discussion-based weekly program that is unlike any other current events program for kids. If you want to bring excitement to the classroom, while building background knowledge, critical thinking, and vocabulary, this program is for you. Written on three learning levels, it can be used from grades 3 to 12, and is ideal for the differentiated classroom. Also excellent for special ed, ELL, gifted and talented, and high school civics and world issues classes. Aligns with Common Core Standards.

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Read to Know

Read to Know provides non-fiction reading in a weekly online current events magazine. It is written on a level your students can understand with full explanations and background information that puts current stories in historical and geographical context. Great for struggling readers and gifted readers alike. Usable with assistive reading technology. One low price provides a site license for your school. Suitable for grades 6 to 8 and beyond. Aligns with Common Core Standards.

To learn more about Read to Know, click here.

Both programs align with Common Core Standards

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