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NewsCurrents will no longer contain the “Cartoon of the Week” feature. We will also no longer be holding the “Student Editorial Cartoon of the Year” contest in the spring.

We announce this with sadness; after all, we have run weekly student editorial cartoons, and the annual Student Editorial Cartoon Contest, for 27 years. But new educational challenges and changing requirements have meant that fewer teachers are able to contribute to this effort.

When this feature started in the fall of 1988, Ronald Reagan was still the President of the United States, and Mikhail Gorbachev was still trying to hold the Soviet Union together.

Though this chapter in our history is ending, we take great pride in the thousands of student editorial cartoons we have received over the years, and the fact that so many of them were inspired by NewsCurrents stories. We will always feel inspired by the wonderful educators who helped support this effort over the years, and their amazing students.

Starting with the issue for the week of September 7th, 2015, a new feature will break down how each story relates to Common Core and other educational standards. We hope this feature, which will be curated by an experienced classroom teacher, can assist you in your educational goals..

Best wishes,

Judith Laitman
2015 winners